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Wilmington University - Admissions Online Application
Admissions - Online Application

Doctoral Application for Admission

Personal Information
* First Name:
Middle Name:
* Last Name:
Please include any last names that may have appeared on your transcripts.
Previous Name:
* Date of Birth:
Date of Birth
* Confirm DOB:
Date of Birth
* Citizenship / Nationality Information
SSN Format: 000-00-0000
*  Social Security Number:
*  Please Verify SSN:
*  Country of Birth:
*  Country of Citizenship:
Alien ID Number:
*  Visa Type:
Visa Expiration Date:
Visa Expiration Date
Address and Contact Information
Street Address, P.O. Box
* Address Line 1:
Apartment, suite, unit, floor, etc.
Address Line 2:
Address Line 3:
* City:
*   State:
* Country:
* Zip/Postal Code:
[e.g., 302-356-8547]
* Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Cell Phone:
* Would you like to receive text messages from WU about university related information?
* E-mail Address:
* Confirm E-mail Address:
* Emergency Contact Person:
* Emergency Phone Number:
Previous Academic Information
* How many colleges have you attended?
If you attended more than 4 colleges, please add that information to the Essay at the end of the application.
Please enter the state, city and college of all previously attended institutions.
To avoid a delay in processing, WilmU requests that applicants provide information for all previously attended institutions on their admissions application.
At least one college is required:
* State:
* City:
* College 1:
College not listed:
* Degree Earned:
Credits Earned:
Attended From:
Attended first college from
Attended To:
Attended first college to
* Have you ever been suspended or dismissed from college/university?
Admission Information
Please enter your program of interest:
* Program:
* Campus:
* Attendance Status:
* Attendance Type:
* Expected Term:
Are you transferring from another college in the United States?
* Do you plan on earning a degree at Wilmington University?
* Have you ever attended Wilmington University?
Ethnic Origin
Are you Hispanic/Latino?
Race (you may select one or more)

Marital Status:
* Gender:
* Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
* Do you have criminal charges pending?
Military Status
Military Branch
General Information
How do you plan on funding your education at Wilmington University? (Check all that apply.)


Employment Information
* Employment Status:
What is your reason for choosing Wilmington University?
Payment Information
Please provide the payment information to satisfy the application fee of $35.00.
Promotion Code:  
Please Note! We do not store credit card information.
* Credit Card Type:
* Expiration Date:
* Card Number:
* Validation Code:
Enter names as they appear on the card.
* First Name:
* Last Name:
The following information is pertaining to the credit card account.
* Same billing address as on application?
Terms and Conditions of Application
I understand that in the course of my association with Wilmington University, I will be given the opportunity to participate in many college activities, including practicum, internships, field trips and special events. I hereby agree to assume all risks of injury, loss or damage to my person or property, while engaged in the aforementioned activities or in going to or returning from same.

I understand that Wilmington University has the authority to withdraw my privilege of admission, enrollment, and/or graduation for academic, disciplinary, legal or other reasons deemed sufficient.

I understand that inappropriate, harmful, and/or illegal activity is not permitted on the premises of Wilmington University. I give Wilmington University permission to define such behavior. Such behavior will be addressed at the discretion of Wilmington University and, if deemed necessary, be reported to legal authorities, employers, and/or professional organizations. I understand that this type of behavior may result in immediate expulsion.

I understand that it is my responsibility to read and comply with the policies and procedures outlined in the Wilmington University Student Handbook.

Any student applying to the Doctor of Education, Educational Leadership program will be required to submit either passing Delaware Praxis I/Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators scores (including all sub-scores) or a valid teaching/educator certificate before being considered for application review.

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, students have the following rights:
1) Right to inspect and review student's record;
2) Right to seek amendments to record;
3) Right to consent to disclosure; and
4) Right to file a complaint.
These four rights are fully defined in the University catalog and/or on the University website.

Wilmington University is authorized to disclose student information without consent when information is designated as 'Directory Information' in the following situations: to school officials with legitimate educational interest; to an alleged victim of a crime of violence; to officials of another institution where students seek to enroll; when Comptroller General of the United States, Secretary of Education, and/or state or local educational authorities requests student information; in connection with financial aid for which student has applied; to accrediting agencies; to comply with judicial order or subpoena; and in connection with a health or safety emergency. For a complete list of the items that are considered 'Directory Information' please consult the University catalog or the University website.

The security of all members of the campus community is of vital concern to Wilmington University. In compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act, the Annual Security Report contains information for all Wilmington University sites regarding campus security programs, recommended personal safety practices, the authority of University Safety Constables and Security Officers, campus disciplinary procedures, and campus crime statistics for the most recent three year period can be found online at or a hard copy may be requested from the Wilmington University Department of University Safety at (302) 325-3333.

Please note that all applicants for the College of Education, if accepted, will be required, pursuant to Delaware law, to submit to a federal and state criminal background check and a Child Protection (Abuse) Registry check prior to any student teaching placement. Negative or adverse criminal history or listing on any such registry may cause the student to be denied a student teaching placement. A student teaching placement is one of the necessary requirements for an Education Certificate. Your agreement to this application acknowledges that you are aware of and understand this condition.

We, the signatories to this application, understand the financial obligations associated with the admission to and enrollment in Wilmington University and assume responsibility for full payment of all fees. We understand the University's withdrawal and refunds policy.

I agree and authorize Wilmington University to publish, for public relations purposes, any photograph(s) in which I appear.

I agree that all of the information provided above has been answered fully and correctly. Omission or falsification of information may be grounds for dismissal.

Captcha Protection Mode Enabled