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Wilmington University - Admissions Online Application
Admissions - Online Application

Doctoral Application for Admission

Personal Information
* First Name:
Middle Name:
* Last Name:
Previous Name:
* Date of Birth:
Date of Birth
* Citizenship / Nationality Information
SSN Format: 000-00-0000
*  Social Security Number:
*  Please Verify SSN:
*  Country of Citizenship:
Alien ID Number:
*  Visa Type:
Visa Expiration Date:
Visa Expiration Date
Address and Contact Information
Street Address, P.O. Box
* Address Line 1:
Apartment, suite, unit, floor, etc.
Address Line 2:
Address Line 3:
* City:
*   State:
* Country:
* Zip/Postal Code:
[e.g., 302-356-8547]
* Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Cell Phone:
* Would you like to receive text messages from WU about university related information?
* E-mail Address:
* Confirm E-mail Address:
* Emergency Contact Person:
* Emergency Phone Number:
Admission Information
Please enter your program of interest:
* Program:
* Campus:
* Attendance Status:
* Attendance Type:
* Expected Term:
Are you transferring from another college in the United States?
* Do you plan on earning a degree at Wilmington University?
* Have you ever attended Wilmington University?
Ethnic Origin
Are you Hispanic/Latino?
* Race (you may select one or more)

Marital Status:
* Gender:
* Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
* Do you have criminal charges pending?
Military Status
Military Branch
Previous Academic Information
How many colleges have you attended?
If you attended more than 4 colleges, please add that information to the Essay at the end of the application.
Please enter the state, city and college of all previously attended institutions.
At least one college is required:
* State:
* City:
* College 1:
College not listed:
* Degree Earned:
Credits Earned:
Attended From:
Attended first college from
Attended To:
Attended first college to
* Have you ever been suspended or dismissed from college/university?
General Information
How do you plan on funding your education at Wilmington University? (Check all that apply.)


Employment Information
* Employment Status:
What is your reason for choosing Wilmington University?
Payment Information
Please provide the payment information to satisfy the application fee of $35.00.
Promotion Code:  
Please Note! We do not store credit card information.
* Credit Card Type:
* Expiration Date:
* Card Number:
* Validation Code:
Enter names as they appear on the card.
* First Name:
* Last Name:
The following information is pertaining to the credit card account.
* Same billing address as on application?
Terms and Conditions of Application

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